White Horse healing Works Mumbai

VR White-Horse Healing Works Private Limited harnesses the power of nature and energy to create pure blends of essential oils, smudges, tinctures, salves, spritzers, salts and tonics for medicinal and wellness applications, integrating ancient traditional knowledge from various cultures to holistically heal the body, mind and soul.

We create unique, hand-made, small batch products using herbs and oils from different parts of the world. Each product is charged with sound energy, Reiki, solar and lunar energy. 
Following nature’s circadian cycles means, that some of our products take weeks before they are fully ready. They are mindfully bottled by hand and packaged to preserve its high frequency vibratory state. We stress on recycling and preserving what our planet has and try and leave as minimal a footprint as possible.
Our purpose is simple - to revive our forgotten but deep relationship with nature and harness again the sheer power, magnificence, beauty and wisdom of the Natural Kingdom.
Our values spring from the great desire to raise our collective consciousness, for which, holistic health and a joyful mind are requisites.

The name “White Horse” is born from Ascended Master Avatar Meher Baba, whose symbolic representation is a White Horse.


  • VR White-Horse Healing Works Private Limited was founded by Rukhmini Punoose and Vijay Lalwani. Rukhmini is a Reiki Grandmaster and Karuna Master and has studied and practiced NLP, Hypnotherapy, Lomi Lomi, Shamanism, crystal work and plant medicine healing for several years. Additionally, she is also a certified Bach Flower Therapist. She teaches a variety of energy and plant-based modalities—Reiki, meditation, smudging, working with essential oils—all in an endeavour to raise the spiritual self-awareness of every student, while guiding them to unconditionally love and accept themselves.

  • Vijay has a unique background as a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist as well as in design and strategic communication. Vijay combines this expertise to bring beauty and a healing touch to every aspect of our products. He is firm in his belief that it is only through Nature that we can truly reconnect to ourselves.